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Projects: Soup Kitchen

School children

Later in the morning, the school children come to eat. Group 3 and 4 before the class starts and the other groups eat after school.

Handing out a meal

First, the food is brought from the kitchen at Penduka to the corrugated iron 'Soup Kitchen' in Goreangab in large pans. Before handing out the food some children's songs are sung. The order of the distribution is age; the smallest children in the front get to eat first, followed by the bigger kids. Afterwards, everything is cleared up inside and the little ones can play.

Large numbers of children

New pans with food are brought as from one thirty to two o’clock. It is so busy with school children then that there are long queues outside because the soup kitchen is too small for the large numbers of children that come to eat there. Because it isn’t always clear how many children will be coming, sandwiches are distributed when the pans are empty so that every child has something to eat.


On Wednesday, the little ones are given food to take home. This food is donated by businesses through the Emanuelle parish. The children then bring along a plastic bag to put the food in.

Too small

The soup kitchen is much too small. Therefore, from ten am until two thirty they are continuously washing up and serving drinks and fruit.


You can support us by sponsoring a child.



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