Extra help and support from Home of Good Hope remains indispensable in corona time

September 2020

Worldwide, the corona ghost is still raging. Especially in poor countries, such as Namibia, the consequences are disastrous. No work means no income. Especially for the families from which the children come who visit the Soup Kitchen of Monica Imanga. And that quickly means that there is not enough money for food and drink. Thanks to generous contributions from individuals and organizations in the Netherlands, Home of Good Hope has been able to meet the worst need so far with extra food packages. Additional help remains necessary for the time being.

No income, no food

Also in Namibia, especially in the densely populated areas such as in and around the capital Windhoek, the number of infections is still increasing. However, the economic consequences of lockdowns are also very drastic. The loss of work and income from, among other things, tourism means that the basic necessities of life are at stake, especially for the people in the slums such as Goreangab. HoGH responded to this immediately in recent months by providing extra food packages for the families, in good coordination with Monica and her team, where the water will soon reach their lips.

Extra food packages

And with generous gifts from individual people, but also from organizations such as the Rotary Gilze and Rijen, we have again made a lot of food packages possible for many people in the past month of August. It is really nice to see through photos and videos that the food packages were prepared at Monica's home with the help of her sons Peacemaker and Gregory under the motto "many hands make light work". This time, the parcels were distributed under strict rules and under the watchful eye of the police at the Soup Kitchen. 

The joy and gratitude at the handing out radiates from it. Monica about this: "We are very grateful to everyone who made this possible!"



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