First 150 food packages distributed, extra help is urgently needed

June 2020

We can count ourselves lucky to be living in a country where help and support seem almost self-evident. This does not apply to all countries and certainly not to African countries such as Namibia. Especially the people in the slums are devoid of many basic things because of the lockdown. This is also the case with the families of "our" children. There is hunger and Home of Good Hope (HoGH) now also helps the families locally.

Food packages

Fortunately, many people have responded to our calls for extra support. HoGH was able to transfer a nice amount for the purchase of basic food locally, such as corn flour, sugar, oil and canned fish. A happy and grateful Monica Imanga, "we have a strong team", immediately got to work enthusiastically. She knows the people and circumstances in which they live like no other and made a list of the most vulnerable families. Her son Peacemaker made the purchases and the packages were put together with the help of 6 volunteers. The more than 150 packages accounted for no less than 3x the fully loaded pick-up car (bakkie). It was a very busy day for everyone, with a lot of happy faces as a reward at the distribution of Home of Good Hope in the slum.

Help HoGH through the winter

Now that winter is approaching, this is expected to lead to an increase in the number of positive cases, which may lead to a (re)introduction of the strict lockdown measures with all the consequences this entails.

The distribution of food packages has been a resounding success, but given the circumstances, continuation of this primary aid is urgently needed. Fortunately, we can continue to provide the children of HoGH with their daily meals, but the families from which these children come now have no income and therefore no money to buy food.

Let's try together to help these vulnerable people get through the winter.

Are you in?

You can transfer your contribution to:

NL93 RABO 0162 5623 30 in the name of Stg Home of Good Hope stating ‘Noodhulp’  

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