Economic and humanitarian catastrophe is imminent

June 2020

Poor countries and therefore the kids of Home of Good Hope urgently need help. The worldwide corona virus threatens an unprecedented economic and humanitarian crisis. The poorest countries in Africa are the most vulnerable. Namibia, and with it also "our" children from the Goreangab shanty town who are daily designated for a nutritious meal at Monica's "Soup kitchen", have a hard time.

No work
Since May 5 there has been a partial lockdown in Namibia. Travel is allowed again within national borders, but this expansion offers absolutely no relief. There is almost no work left and the tourists are staying away. Tourism is one of the main sources of income for this beautiful country. As a result, many people have no income and therefore no food. This mainly affects people in the slums where people are desperate and rebellious and even break into shops.

Monica's Soup Kitchen, which especially the children from the Goreangab slum have to rely on for a nutritious meal a day, is also having a hard time. Monica about this: "Our government tries to help with food packages, but they aren’t reaching everyone." She shows her sincere gratitude for the fact that she can give the children an adapted meal (sandwiches and fruit) with our gifts, among other things. But unfortunately that does not apply to the children’s families who are also starving.

Concerns about school lessons
Just like us, people in Namibia also plan to give online lessons. Monica is very concerned about this because "her" children often do not have a smartphone or access to the internet. "I really don't think it's fair on the poor kids." That's why she appreciates the fact that the homework classes we support can continue.

Support for HoGH more than welcome
HoGH means a lot to the children in this slum in Windhoek. And certainly now, besides that super necessary meal for the children, help is also needed for the families. This is only possible thanks to your generous gifts. Let's get started!

You can make a contribution to NL 93 RABO 0162 5623 30.

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