Interns full of praise for Home of Good Hope

February, 2020

Admiration for Monica's soup kitchen and her volunteers

In the fall of 2019, Marjanne and Sabina, two young people studying at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden, spent six months in Namibia for their international internship in the healthcare sector. They also visited the Home of Good Hope (HoGH) soup kitchen and saw with their own eyes how involved Monica Imanga and the volunteers are in the project. Of course, they also rolled up their sleeves and visited the kitchen where the food is prepared for the more than 500 children who come to eat at Monica every day.

In addition to food, also education

Both ladies went to the soup kitchen about 10 times and their first impression was immediately very good, as their messages showed: “The volunteers really do everything for the children. It is lovely to see that they also help with the education of the children. When we go there, we play with the children first until the meals are brought from the kitchen to Penduka. From then on, we help the volunteers to scoop up the food for all children so that we can relieve them a little.”

Hygiene is important

In addition to that important nutritious meal per day, hygiene is also important. For example, the children must wash their hands beforehand in a bowl with water and washing-up liquid, with the small children in the front row and the older children at the back. Marianne and Sabina say: “We taught the children there how to wash your hands and when. For this we have made two posters, one which shows how you should wash your hands and on the other poster is a song that can be sung along with it." And it works. When the children have finished eating, they bring their plates outside where the dishes are done by a number of volunteers. Then the children have to wash their hands again and they get a piece of fruit and sometimes a cup of milk and then leave cheerfully to home or school. "We thought it was a great experience and we are very enthusiastic about the working method at Home of Good Hope".

The dedication of volunteers is admirable

The trainees also wanted to see how all those meals, which are different every day but always with fruit, are prepared. Therefore, they also visited the temporary kitchen at Penduka: “It is special to see that they prepare all those meals there every day, with fresh products and also how they involve the children. All in all, we find it admirable how all those people are fully committed to the children of Home of Good Hope every day, even though they themselves have so little.” In one sentence: "We have noticed that they put others in the first place and only then think of themselves."

Support for HoGH remains welcome

HoGH means a lot to the children in this slum in Windhoek. We would naturally like to see this good work continue. That is only possible thanks to your generous gifts. You can make a contribution to NL 93 RABO 0162 5623 30.

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