How do we help the school children of Home of Good Hope

December 2019

Through extra donations, a lot of new school uniforms, matching shoes and sweaters could be purchased this year, necessary because without a uniform a child cannot go to school! It is also of great importance that school children receive their vaccinations as a result.

Homework classes

The two homework classes we sponsored are a great success. Due to the large classes with more than 50 children, quite a few children were in danger of failing. With some experienced teachers and family support, this year's extra support in the homework classes of 25 children succeeded in getting all children to pass. Thanks to the generous gifts of our donors, sandwiches and drinks could also be provided because they were often too late to be able to eat at Monica's soup kitchen. Sybil sent us an enthusiastic evaluation:

Dear Maria & the Board members. 

Kindly , I am overwhelmed to give feedback about the afternoon classes.  First allow me to thank God for the strength and wisdom that he bestowed upon us. We are so excited and above the moon for the end of year results of 2019. The afternoon classes learners are ALL promoted to the next grade for 2020. Congratulations little once! The meeting that we held with some of their parents really worked and changed the results of both English and Mathematics. The lunch that we served  also motivated them. Thank you Maria and the Board members for the great support, well done. In addition , thank you so much for your kindness and support throughout the year. May the Almighty God multiply your BLESSINGS and grant you HEALTH and STRENGTH.  ON BEHALF OF THE AFTERNOON CHILDREN WE WISH YOU ALL A MERRY XMAS AND A PROSPEROUS 2020.

 2019 12 1 Kinderen krijgen sandwiches en driken op school kopie

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