Renovation of the kitchen design

November, 2019

They prepare the food that is distributed in Monica's soup kitchen every day in a temporary kitchen at Penduka. Two years ago we ensured that this kitchen was renovated and furnished. As a result, the food could be prepared too far from the dispensing point in a hygienic way. Two years ago, not everything was newly purchased. Many things were reused such as all kinds of kitchen utensils and a freezer. The freezer, which has to work hard in Namibia, really needed updating. But also the cutting boards, spoons, knives and all kinds of kitchen utensils had to be supplemented or renewed.

We are happy because we have been able to sponsor a lot of kitchen utensils and a freezer thanks to a large donation. The new items were delivered to the kitchen at Penduka at the beginning of this month, including a new freezer. We have opted for a very nice, solid freezer that also uses much less power than the previous old freezer.

And you can count on it that they were very happy with this and also that it was very necessary!

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