Homework classes with experienced teachers "work"

October, 2019

Monica’s plan became reality

Last year, Monica Imanga came up with the plan to see if it was possible to start real homework classes with expert teachers in addition to guiding the children through young volunteers. Professional forces who know the school system in Namibia from the inside.

Enthusiastic participation

The homework classes are visited enthusiastically. Last year 30 students took the extra lessons, now there are fifty who are taking extra lessons in 2 classes of 25 students. The plus point is that the Olaf Palm School is a school with a mission. Not only the smartest children receive extra support here, but especially the children who need more support are taken care of. And those are the children from families who live in shabby corrugated iron huts without water, toilet and electricity. As a result, it is not easy for the children to do homework in a small room where the entire family life takes place. An additional problem is that it is getting dark early in Namibia and the huts are lit with candles or petroleum.

Homework classes of great importance

A hopeful Miss Sybil: “The lessons have a major impact on the students. The second semester is always a challenge for all students because of the winter and the time that changes, but the students fully showed their interest in their education. The performance of the students is amazing. More than 70% passed the English course. Grand applause!"

Sybil still has some concerns about maths, but she says: “I am convinced that the results will be different this period. I have planned a meeting with the parents to encourage them to help us with this. This will certainly make a big difference.”

She would like to thank everyone for their generosity in caring for the Namibian child.

2019 Barbara en kathie op bezoek bij de Olof Palmeschool waar de huiswerklessen worden gegeven


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