Start of a homework counseling class

June, 17. 2018

One of the main objectives of our project is to improve the future prospects for the children who come to eat at Monica’s soup kitchen. Good nutrition is of vital importance. Fortunately, with the commissioning of the new kitchen at Penduka this is more than met and more than 600 children are given a healthy meal every day.

For the long term it is important that there is also a perspective for more self-reliance for these children. Good tuition is an absolute must for a better future, also in Namibia. And the children can use all the help they can get!

Monica started a homework counselling class on 1 June 2018, together with Sybil Stemele, a teacher / manager at the Olof Palme primary school. Together with the recently retired teacher Petra Sybil started with two homework classes of 15 children each. They can use two classrooms at the Olof Palme primary school during the afternoons from 2 to 4 pm.

The children were selected by Monica and Sybil together. They all come from very poor families and all eat at Monica’s soup kitchen every day. They chose children who really need it, the children are all in different primary schools.

For the time being, it is still a pilot project. Until the end of the school year (end of November) extra lessons are given in this way with the aim that the children can achieve the final objectives for primary education in Namibia. Once this is going well, we will look for further financing. Possibly, the project can then be expanded so that we can help even more children to successfully complete their school.

We are pleased that we have been able to finance the renovation and furnishing of this kitchen this year. Every day over 600 children receive a healthy meal that is prepared in a well-equipped and hygienic kitchen.


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