Children of primary school De Kring raise money for their peers in Namibia.

May, 16. 2018

We are always pleasantly surprised when we see so many enthusiastic children raising money for other children. Children in Africa who could use some extra help. 

At De Kring it was very busy during their Easter market. All the groups participated and sold home-made items at the market. During the market, the children sold their things with great dedication. Of course, food and drinks were also provided.

It was a very successful market. We saw that when we were handed the check by the children themselves with a delegation from the different groups.

The money raised will directly benefit the children themselves.
We will again ensure that they receive good shoes, sweaters and school uniforms. School uniforms and shoes are an absolute prerequisite for following education. The school sweaters are nice and warm now that Namibia is approaching the winter and the temperatures in the morning and evening can drop considerably.


From the Netherlands, we do everything we can to make life easier for these children. In addition to the daily distribution of the food, we help the children to go to school, we organise childcare and a sporting activity with the children. In addition, there are advanced plans to start homework supervision.

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