A new kitchen since January!

March, 14. 2018

Monica and of course Gregory and Marleen are very happy with it.
At Penduka on Lake Goreangab, the board of Home of God Hope in Namibia set up a new kitchen at the beginning of this year. We are very pleased that Penduka (originally a Dutch project) has made this possible. Peacemaker and Ella arranged the renovation and relocation in a short time. Well done!

With the commissioning of the new kitchen, it has now become possible to prepare meals for more than 600 children in a fresh and hygienic kitchen. Gregory and Marleen are now increasingly being helped by volunteers and trainees from Europe.

From the Netherlands we have decided to sponsor the renovation and layout of this new kitchen in its entirety because the food for the children is an important pillar of the project.

We also sponsor the food itself again this year with a monthly contribution of 600 euros.

The distribution of the food still happens at the corrugated iron building that has been used for years and that also really needs to be refurbished.

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