January, 4. 2018

It is fantastic what these nursing trainees have achieved in a short time. 
Samantha te Rietmole, Anouk Beijer and Elise Elferink are doing an internship in Namibia at Home of Good Hope. With help from the Netherlands they have given Monica and the hundreds of children who visit the Home of Good Hope project a wonderful Christmas. They bought useful items from money raised, such as tables and chairs. And of course also goodies for more than 500 children!

Trainee Lynn writes about this on Facebook:

“I would like to thank all the people who donated money for Home of Good Hope. Yesterday I went shopping with Samantha in Rietmole and Peacemaker Imanga and donated all the things to Home of Good hope today. It was a big success.

I never thought that I would raise so much money and could do so much for Home of Good Hope. It feels to me like a dream come true. Thank you to everyone.

Unfortunately, today was also the last day that I, together with Samantha in Rietmole, Anouk Beijer and Elise Elferink, was at Home of Good Hope. Saying goodbye was a bit difficult, but we have already decided to go back to Namibia again and visit Monica Imanga and her volunteers.”

A beautiful Christmas thought and for many a Christmas dream that comes true again.

Home of Good Hope is a small-scale development project. Wilde Ganzen says the following about this:

Small-scale development projects are, the word says it all, small-scale. Their reach is usually no bigger than a school, a village or a neighbourhood. A drop in the ocean, you might think. But it is not like that. Because there are thousands of drops from the Netherlands alone. Add the drops from other Western countries - and increasingly from developing countries themselves - and suddenly you look out over an ocean of commitment, effort and results.


0104 kerstcadeau voor Home of Good Hope

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