Dutch trainees are in Namibia and are helping Monica

December, 9. 2017

Five nursing students at the Saxion Hogeschool and NHL-Leeuwarden are in Namibia for their internship. Samantha, Joyce, Rhomy, Anouk and Lynn are gaining much experience during their internship abroad. Besides their internship at the hospital, they are also helping Monica with her project Home of Good Hope. Monica’s soup kitchen helps the most vulnerable children in the township Goreangab. With the help of countless volunteers and the unbridled commitment of Monica and her team, it is possible to give these children a future again and at the same time ensure that they can continue to live with their mother, grandmother or aunt.

From the Netherlands we have been supporting this project for years and the amount we transfer is constantly being increased. In the meantime, we transfer 600 euros per month to Namibia for the children's food. In addition, we support the various projects by transferring targeted money.

But these nursing students are also doing their part! They have taken the initiative themselves to raise money with family and acquaintances. These proceeds also benefit the children.

For example, in recent weeks they have helped the young girl Zion by buying medicine for her. Zion has very bad eczema. Monica went to the doctor with Zion. He prescribed antibiotics and also gave ointment for the eczema. Once home, things did not go as planned. Her mother did not seem to understand it all and to make matters worse, her little sister got hold of the antibiotics, she drank some of it and the rest fell to the floor. Thus, Zion was without medication. Moreover, Monica had only been given one tube of ointment while two were needed. Lynn then decided to use some of the money they’d collected for the much needed medicine and to buy some Paracetamol for general use.

Together with Samantha, Lynn treated Zion’s eczema. In addition, other children regularly have wounds that need to be treated. Both interns also do this. Of course, they also help where they can. This way they make a very valuable contribution to this wonderful project!

1209 Lynn en Samantha soepkeuken Home of Good Hope

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