A new 'bakkie' for Home of Good Hope

September 20, 2017

 From 10 to 20 September this year, our chairman Maria Vernooij-van der Wal visited the Home of Good Hope soup kitchen in Namibia. A valuable visit with regard to the organisation there and even for Maria it was a great experience again with the visit to the soup kitchen with all the children and meeting Monica and Peacemaker Imanga. And the same goes for meeting with Eileen Green, the Canadian co-founder of the sister organisation Home of Good Hope in Namibia, with whom we are building a good organisation there.

A new bakkie
In addition to all the organisational concerns, to which Maria paid a lot of attention, it also became clear that the 7 year old car, a small model 'Bakkie' had to be repaired more and more and that the costs are also increasing. This pickup car is used daily and is essential for the operation of the soup kitchen, but also for example for the transport of the football team.

It was decided there and then to replace the old car with a donation from our means by a second-hand demo model pickup. It is the same model as the car currently being used, but this pickup is not yet a year old and has done few kilometres.
Maintenance insured
And ... .. we also went for a five-year warranty with maintenance at the official Auas ​​dealer (Opel-Chevrolet-Isuzu) in Windhoek. Thus, we do not have to worry about car maintenance and we are sure that the transport of the large pans with food for the soup kitchen, the whole sporting event and also the picking up of the sponsored bread and the weekly food delivery to the families can continue. And of course it is also a car that will be useful when starting the new building for Home of Good Hope!

Nieuw Bakkie schoolbord





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